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About Kawano


kawanoKawano Group is a food and beverage (F & B) business group that has been engaged in thefields of restaurant services by specialising in 100% good quality homemade & fresh cookedJapanese gastronomies as well as wide selection of Asian cuisines.

After been successfully own and managing diverse and distinct brands in different locationthroughout Jakarta business district, Greater Jakarta area (Bogor & Karawang) & Bali -Kawano Group has always been keeping up the tradition as the best dining at a comfortable atmosphere with exceptional service and expand outstanding reputation.

Kawano Group is located in MIDPLAZA, Jakarta and started to operate this business sinceearly 90ís with approximately 300 high-spirited employees to run the businesses.

In a highly competitive business nowadays, Kawano Group continues to seek a newvariation of its quality and healthy food to sustain its current mission which is Healthy eatingequals healthy living.

Also we have always held firmly and carry out our motto; smile, passion & love which can bedescribed as Greet with SMILE,Work with PASSION and Serve with LOVE.

Kawano Group welcome guests from all around the and serve over 7.000 customers a weekfrom regular customers to business travellers; including family and tourists.


The customer is the heart of KAWANO GROUPís philosophy whose dedication is not onlyto deliver a unique dining experience, but rather a unique dining journey.

Customersí satisfaction is the key. Through warm, friendly and attentive service, we aremore than determined to make your dining journey unique and memorable, of course stillwith our motto "Smile, Passion & LoveĒ