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Inventing on principle download

Inventing on principle download

Bio: Bret Victor invents tools that enable people to understand and create. He has designed experimental UI. Who does it. You will find a lot interesting things in the React and ELM communities, and in frontend functional programming communities in general. Some recent full-stack platforms that are somehow trying to provide a development environment of this kind are: Eve: A Andreessen Horowitz / Y-Combinator. Bret Victor's Inventing on principle talk (also available on YouTube in case you want to skip ahead) from this year's CUSEC is one of these hours of your life where Missing: download.

CV. Showreel. The Ladder of Abstraction. A systematic approach to interactive visualization. Learnable Programming. Designing a programming system for understanding programs. A Brief Rant. On the future of interaction design. What Can a Technologist Do About Climate Change. A personal view. Inventing on Principle. I'm going to talk about following a principle — finding a guiding principle for your work, something you believe is important and necessary and right, and using that to guide what you do. [[]] There are three parts to this talk. I'm first going to talk about the principle that guides a lot of my work, and try to  Missing: download. AlgoView - Instrument for visualization of intermediate data of algorithm's execution in JavaScript. Based on Bret Victor's idea from the famous lecture "Inventing on Principle".

Victor received attention for his talks "Inventing on Principle" () and "The Future of Programming" (). Some of his work focuses on the evolution of media from print to computers to future technology, which he calls "the dynamic medium". He posits that people use computers as "really fast paper emulators," and. providers to install library-specific editor services. ACM Subject language in use – they can rely on a variety of well-understood reasoning principles and program manipulation B Victor. Inventing on principle, invited talk at the canadian university software engineering conference (cusec), This book is meant for anyone whose work involves shaping new digital artifacts and the systems of behavior in which they are embedded, not just for those with designer in their job title. It aims to complement expertise in related fields such as graphic design, industrial psychology, or programming by providing lead.


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