ARO AROY - Mid Plaza 1, Lower Ground Floor Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta. Tel: (+62)21 5707707.
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Aro Aroy, conceived by Kawano Group, is modern casual Thai / Asian eatery. According to the name (in Thai) which literally translates to “delicious delicious” or very delicious. It substitutes with pleasant authentic Asian dishes that will give customers a new perspective.

Aro Aroy is a casual Thai/Asian dining venue offering a single course eating experience devised to feed you with minimum fuss. Also the diverse but simple menu offers a flavoursome selection of Thai / Asian with an authenticity and freshness that surpasses expectations.

The spacious, welcoming interior is carefully lit, In terms of the vibe, the soft pastel looking bamboo is garishly decorated, the combination of its stylish interior, chattering strong minimalist Asian atmosphere with a youthful yet sophisticated casual dining and open kitchen concept; including feng-shui designed to enhance the dining experience.

Overall having an enjoyment of Asian Culinary delights; is now no longer need to move around from one place to another; simply step into Midplaza 1 Building, Basement floor and as our committed to offering customers a wonderful dining experience with a taste of warm Thai / Asian flavours!

Menu - Our Specialties

Aro Aroy caters to the needs of business people on the move. It offers delicious Thai and Asian cuisines.

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