HonZEN Ayana Resort & Spa Bali - Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera Jimbaran, Bali. Tel : (+62)361 705071.
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honZEN Restaurant Bali

honZEN Bali is a Japanese restaurant using contemporary Japanese Zen! It practices for the decor and serves fresh cuisine that suits the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant. It also offers everything that makes Japanese restaurant so enticing, from cosy private dining room,Teppan yaki table to the sushi bar.

It has always been part of Japanese culture that assures you to relishing the freshness in the healthy way that suits the four seasons of Japan.

honZEN Bali has become the prestigious and most complete Japanese restaurant featuring a-la-carte delicacies to both hotel guests and visitors in an ultra-stylish two storey building with indoor and outdoor seating concept that overlooking lush gardens and stunning views which is located in the right heart of Ayana Resort and Spa Bali.

Menu - Our Specialties

honZEN Bali offers a full-spectrum carte du jour focusing on nourishment that captures definitive Japanese - Balinese cuisine while engaging the best of modern and western techniques.

An excellent variety of expertly prepared Sushi andSashimi are great deals and it’s all about fresh and healthy seafood ingredientsthat we have every morning from local seafood market and fisherman around the area.

There are so many goodies to choose from to begin your food celebration, such as JizakanaSanpin Mori (Chef’s special of assorted Balinese sashimi fish) to Sima AJi Usuzukuri (White terevalley sashimi thinly cutting in Usuzukuri style which is regarded as sashimi works of art).;Another our house specialities include Salmonwafu carpacio known as marinated salmon in delicately sliced; dressing with Japanese special soy sauce or perhaps just simply order our healthy fresh Premium Lobster Salad has served with secretly ingredient dressing;. It’s a lovely to having demand from thesignature SAKE list like a Kubota Senjyu for the perfect beverage to go with your choice of meal, by glass or in bottles.

Another favourite is Teppan yaki course menu which has available in 3 different sets - KUH, KAI and TEN are served with Australian Wagyu beef sirloin as an offering in sets as the main menu; including Teppan yaki Ala carte like lusciously Ribeye steak with Teriyaki sauce on sautéed veggies, Lobster with herbs or even deliciously King prawns cooked in American sauce!

HonZEN Bali also serves tantalize of Shabu-shabu set menu that you can choose from Bali pork shabu set, Bali ocean shabu set and Wagyu shabu set;Their parboiled in hot stock water, accompanied with Balinese veggies, udon or ice and a glass of wine.

HonZEN also offers set menus for lunch, with disheslike Tekka Don or tuna on rice and Unagi Teriyaki served with soup, steamed egg and cold soba (buckwheat noodle) for a filling meal.

Also many wide ranges of delectable dishes await you to try like Kushi Age (seafood, vegetables or meat deep fried on skewers and dipped into special sauce) etc.

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