honZEN JAKARTA - Inter Continental MidPlaza LG Floor, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 10-11 Jakarta. Tel: (+62)21 5707796.
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honZEN is a Japanese restaurant using contemporary Japanese Zen! It practices for the decor and serves fresh cuisine that suits the sophisticated ambience of the restaurant.

With its decor that borrows elements from Japanese architecture,from wooden panelling to sand gardens,honZEN evokes an atmosphere of rustic idyll, a sense of peace, in short, Zen! On the other hand, it also offers everything that makes Japanese restaurant so enticing, from tatami rooms to an elegant sushi bar.

honZEN has always been part of Japanese culture that assures you to relishing the freshness in the healthy way that suits the four seasons of Japan.


Menu - Our Specialties

honZEN offers a full-spectrum menu focusing on nourishment that captures definitive Japanese dishes while engaging the best of modern and western techniques.

Wide range of delectable dishes await you to tried like Dragon Roll (eel, spring onion, lettuce and beef flake) or Caterpillar Roll (crab meat, avocado, cream cheese, Tobiko and lettuce) and Kushi Age (seafood, vegetables or meat deep fried on skewers and dipped into special sauce). Our creation and specialty Shabu-Shabu is a must try menu!! It is Soymilk Kobe Beef Shabu-shabu (slices of imported Kobe beef parboiled in hot soy milk).

An excellent variety of expertly prepared Sushi and Sashimi is great deals. The service is guaranteed to be attentive and friendly. Reservation in advance is recommended since this restaurant is a top choice.

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