KADO JAKARTA - AYANA MidPlaza hotel, LG Floor. Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta. Telp: (+62)21 5732030.
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Located at the corner of AYANA MIDPLAZA JAKARTA, KADO  means corner or gateway in Japanese. Its interior is reminiscent of vintage Japanese eatery, with wooden paneling, chairs and tables, sleek, square and clean.


Preciously It is a Kyoto concept hospitality that you couldn't find anywhere else here in Jakarta. Unlike others, KADO have always given warm and friendly services, and we're willing to share our favorite dishes to everyone.

KADO remains popular among Japanese expatiates, hotel guests and locals. Reflecting a smorgasbord of atmosphere, we create seasonal specialties, authentic Kushiyaki, and novel dishes like the Milu Katsu Hot Plate (Mille-Feuillet pork cutlet with layers of soft meat and soft Panko) and stuffed Kamameshi.

Because of its setting in the heart of Jakarta, KADO has its own distinct identity, but we never try to lose sight of where we began