SAKANA Delonix Hotel Karawang - Komplek Sedana, Sukaluyu Teluk Jambe Karawang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Telp : (+62)267 64437, (+62)267 644371 Ext 6033.
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Sakana Delonix



Izakaya in the heart of Karawang

SAKANA Japanese Restaurant has been serving you for nearly 2 decades. Located in MIDPLAZA, Sudirman area as the busiest business district in Jakarta, SAKANA is always ready to welcome you to an endless excitement of Japanese Izakaya style diner. Thousands of customers keep on coming each week to try our wide menu variety. After maintaining our position in the capital, started in 2010, we expanded to DELONIX HOTEL, Karawang, and now we are re-opening with a brand new image.

The new SAKANA DELONIX diner capacities reach up to 120 people, including 2 (two) private tatami rooms for 20 people each, which are combinable to make a bigger space for group reservations. SAKANA DELONIX embraces the traditional interior approach by bringing the original style of Izakaya with Japanese dry garden for its customers. With the domination of wooden interior, the ambiance is really warm, homey and exotic at the same time. SAKANA DELONIX is a place that feels like home for the Japanese regulars and an undeniably unique place for the non-Japanese guests.

SAKANA DELONIX offers the full range of authentic Japanese foods from the light bite Takoyaki to choices of Sushi & Sashimi, Ramen & Udon noodle, Oden & Skewers, Rice bowl & Salad. With price range around IDR 100.000 200.000 for the food and drink; SAKANA DELONIX delivers a true Izakaya in the heart of Karawang.

SAKANA DELONIX is a perfect place to spend a relax drink session with your friends and business colleagues, a reunion, gathering, and business meeting dinner. SAKANA Japanese Restaurant also welcomes the culinary lovers at Arrival Terminal 2 D Soekarna-Hatta International Airport, and MIDPLAZA 1, Sudirman.

Menu - Our Specialties

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Sakana Delonix is serving spectacular Japanese and International cuisine in a contemporary setting with complimentary wi-fi connection. Our Chef orders seafood from Japan twice a week, using it in appetisers for tasting menus, in his Bento Box, and in fish specials etc. His novel ideas appear in everything from food arrangements to desserts.

The Takoyaki (fried octopus balls) is popular! as well as Sushi and Sashimi Mori (deluxe assorted) and Tempura Mori (assorted deep fried fish and vegetables). Variety choices of noodles and soup has available either such as Nabeyaki Udon or Yakisoba. They're pretty great to warmed up your day. Beside a la carte menu, SAKANA Delonix also provides a bento set menu for those wanting a quick lunch or event) with selections of main course completed with Salad, Soup and Rice.

For you who do not want something heavy; try our "Sakana's Sandwich" or other light meals yummy Karage, kushiage etc, Savour the fresh juices or other choice of beverages to accompany your meal. You can feel the genuine taste of Japanese cuisine unlike any other restaurant in the area, as apparent in the delicious Atsu age cheese yaki (Grilled tofu with chopped meat, mince and cheese) and the excellence Teppan stamina yaki (beff hot plate) served with Shio sauce.

Our beverage dept offers a great selection of beer, juices, tea and coffee; while Souchu will guarantee a lingering feeling of delicious taste sensations. Sakana Delonix restaurant also setting is perfectly for business lunch, business gathering, family get-together etc.

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