THE GRILL - Mid Plaza 2, Lower Ground Floor. Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta. Tel: (+62)21 5706210 / (+62)21 5706200.
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The Grill

The Grill brings an authentic flavour of Korean and Japanese premium Steak BBQ right on your table. It is warm, stylist, cosy and luxurious, the dining area ponies up the right ambience to support the delectable menu and Our tables are set with comfort, space and privacy in mind.

The restaurant is tucked neatly inside  the lower level of Midplaza 2 in Sudirman area boasts upon a minimalist decor that characteristic the restaurant's contemporary Japanese style and the guests will be greet by the friendly staff.

Recently the restaurant has won a prestigious award in Jakarta, Indonesia as the best restaurant for steak, grill & barbecue in 2012 - judging by public 's voted.

It goes out of its way to ensure that the best quality dining experience is presented to diners! The Grill guarantees that only the best and high quality ingredients are used in its dishes as well as in its striking decor.

Overall our main goal for more decade to serve the best quality meat and food at the high level of customer satisfaction. Chef Kamachi Masahiro is the head of The Grill Restaurant; his own experienced has extremely good and an extensive to anyone at the restaurant, he would  even suggest highly recommended speciality in-house to all guests.

Our service is guaranteed to be attentive and friendly, and is perfectly place for business lunch or dinner or informal party. Reservations are recommended, for this restaurant is a top choice.

Menu - Our Specialties

Download | The Grill Menu 2016 - 1

Download | The Grill Menu 2016 - 2

The Grill lets you tantalise the tenderness of high premium beef and many other authentic Japanese barbecue dishes along with its interior; as you know The Grill offers the best Yakiniku concept eating restaurant in Jakarta!

Our famous specialities are: 'Jako-tofu' (cold bean curd stuffed with small fish with home made sauce), 'Kimchi' (Chinese cabbage stuffed with a variety of fillings, usually served with chunky chopped garlic and an overwhelming dose of fish sauce), 'Tokusen salad' (freshness lettuce, cucumber with sesame dressing), 'Jou-karubi' (US superior beef belly with red wine), 'Jou-rosu' (US special sirloin), 'Toku joukarubi' (Japanese Matsuzaka- beef belly) and many more...

The steak arrives with not just tender slices of beef in a delicious soy and garlic sauce, but Jou-Rosu as well. We only use a Bincho - Charcoal fire to ensure tender juicy meat that will melt in your mouth. Our food may sound like a mouthful but the portions are perfectly balanced in quantity and variety.

We also provides a space parties at no extra charge; so our restaurant is a place for all opportunities. You will feel well and excellent service whenever you might be there. A short list of well- recommended Sake, Beer and Wine with accompanying tasting notes is also available.

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