TONTOKI - Mid Plaza 1 Building, Basement Floor, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 10-11, Jakarta. Tel: (+62)21 2514585.
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KAWANO GROUP, one of the most leading companies in F&B field is pleased to present their recently launched restaurant, TONTOKI. Officially opened in 15-05-15, TONTOKI serves only mouth-watering pork dishes in authentic Japanese style.

In the era when other restaurants are competing to embody modernity and futuristic vibe, TONTOKI is all about preserving the history and legacy. Built in a very artistically rustic way, TONTOKI derives the design of Hatago, a local inn in Edo period where it became the resting destination of all travelers throughout Japan. To service their “travelers”, TONTOKI provide the maximum satisfactory for every pork dishes hunter coming their way. Their signature TONTOKI DON (Pork Belly Stamina Bowl) is a must try. It has the classic taste that ever lasts with juicy pork belly slices mixed with sweet and crunchy cabbages on top of Japanese rice.

Other recommended menus are Okinawa style stewed pork belly, Pork offal in hot pot, BBQ pork rib, skewered pork belly, and the list are keep on going. Each menu is made in a very authentic Japanese way. “We want people to have an exciting dining experience. From the ancient interior to the very authentic flavor, we are sure TONTOKI is not only exciting, but exotic and surreal at the same time. Almost like going in the time tunnel and travel through time” says Ario Achda, Marketing Communication Supervisor of KAWANO GROUP.

TONTOKI is located in MIDPLAZA 1 Building in Sudirman, the heart of Jakarta. Tontoki is open from Monday – Saturday, 11.30-14.30 for lunch and 18.00-22.00 for dinner time.

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