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Letís step back in time to Japanís EDO period of time, when Japanese society was under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603 and 1868).

UdonKu, the new Japanese eatery concept have it all. Owned and managed by Kawano Group, it has opened its doors on Sept 1st as an edgy & casual dining restaurant that located in Basement floor of Mid Plaza, Sudirman, Jakarta.

Adapting the old scenery of street restaurants during the Edo time and bringing it to the present, the contemporary decoration rolled up into one flavorful experience.

UdonKu will attract more local crowds into the Japanese dining scene in Jakarta, said Ario Achda as Marketing of Kawano Group.

UdonKu offers fresh & aromatic udon with wide range of delicious toppings and 3 kinds of lovely soup to choose; such as an exotic Japanese curry to the traditional western part of Japanís favorite, SHIRO (white soup) and KURO which is literary black soup common in eastern part of Japan. All those are available at our own particular cooking which mean the freshest product makes the best signature cuisines.

In the lunch time, our reasonable price menu and quick service are provided considering busiest time in the working hour; not forget to mention our diverse dinner which has plenty of authentic Japanese customary dishes including choices of alcohol.

Expending among the best local and imported ingredients which are already representing exclusively as signatures; Ebi Ten Tetsu Nabe Udon is delightful crispy light prawn tempura

on top of deep stew udon, served in special Japanese kettle pot and Tori Nanban Tsuke Udon; this incredibly delicious dipping udon served with chicken. Both are hugely popular dishes in Japan.

In addition, our executive head chef said; ĒThe country of Japan has a variety of traditional dishes that I would love to introduce to the entire Indonesian people to make them more familiar rather than just knowing about sushi or sashimi onlyď

Result is a place that is both unpretentious and fashionable to order along with outstanding Japanese cuisine in a fun; energetic atmosphere serves from 11.30 am - 2.30pm (lunch) and 5.30-10pm (dinner).

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