UDON KU - CIKARANG - Ruko Galeria, JL. Singaraja Blok C No.9 Lippo Cikarang. Tel: (+62)21 98350602.
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UDON KU - Cikarang

2nd Wandering Nostalgia

Letís step back in time to Japanís EDO period of time, when Japanese society was under the rule of the Tokugawa shogunate (1603 and 1868).

UdonKu, the new Japanese eatery concept has it all. Owned and managed by Kawano Group, it has opened its doors on Sept 1st as an edgy & casual dining restaurant that located in Basement floor of Mid Plaza, Sudirman, Jakarta.

Adapting the old scenery of street restaurants during the Edo time and bringing it to the present, the contemporary decoration rolled up into one flavourful experience.

UdonKu will attract more local crowds into the Japanese dining scene in Jakarta, said Ario Achda as Marketing Communication staff of Kawano Group.

After gaining success in Jakarta, which located inside the MIDPLAZA I Building, UdonKu opened its 2nd outlet in Cikarang area which is the current emerging spot for Japanese industry field. Just like UdonKu MIDPLAZA, UdonKu Cikarang also offers fresh & aromatic udon to choose. Apart from the mouth-watering udon, we have a long line-up of other hard-to-resist Japanese dishes, such as Beef Stamina Don, Beef Hamburg, Pork Katsu Curry, and Salmon Teriyaki Don.

For dinner time, UdonKu Cikarang provide their customers with long list of Japanese side dishes that go really well with beer, sake or shochu. Some of the favourites are Dashimaki Tamago (Japanese Style Rolled Omelette), both original and natto, Tempura Moriawase, Daigaku Imo Butter (Honey Glazed Sweet Potato), and many more.

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